Opinions on what you think I should do to not be deleted

I am attempting to make a global leaderboard that resets monthly by switching the key.
(already done)

My concern is that the way I have it setup that if anyone has a data request takedown that it’ll be nearly impossible to track down the specific dates for each player in the leaderboard to wipe them from every single datastore, especially if my game MIGHT end up having lots of people for a various amount of time, this would lead to lots of datastores over time that I’d have to go through.

I can’t think of many solutions, all of them turn into a battle of “how can I make this global leaderboard without risking getting my account yeeted”.

is how I have the data setup in it.
I really need opinions/ideas on how I could possibly work with this issue, if anyone has any, my brain could also be having a major fart moment, so if its a simple idea/solution sorry about that!

If you remember the previous versions of the keys, you can clear up the data store. However, from the looks of it, you have to run a linear scan of each key through the data store and find their respective datas to be cleared out, which is quite tedious already.

yeah, I mean I could run through every possible month/year combo to try and do this, for a few years but like, that’s assuming I can find it in the bunch as well, and I might hit datastore limits, not sure, I’ll mark this as the solution I suppose because at the end of the day even if it throttles I put in a timer to wait a minute for stores to cool down, sadly it does take forever.