Opinions/Feedback on mall type game before I build the map and publish the game

GAME: The Robloxian Mall - Roblox
95% of the code is done in the game, there are a few small bugs that I need to fix, the map needs to be expanded, and I want to add a gamepass( i think a boombox would be cool).

I’m worried the game won’t be able to compete with other similar catalog creator games. Also the gui is really ugly

The biggest bug I see is that the avatar editor (bloxbiz) doesn’t get what the current player is currently wearing which a pretty big problem, if you know another in game catalog that gets whatever clothing the character is wearing please tell me about it. There are some other really small bugs that don’t really matter that I’ll fix when I get the chance.

(btw thank you for the feedback on my last post)
If you have feedback or opinions please give it.

edit: im also pretty sure I gotta change the name cause you can’t have roblox in the name, and the thumbnail ill be changing 2.


Game doesn’t look bad so far! Here are my takeaways.

Main issue. I couldn’t get out of the build menu, nor didn’t know how. Please fix that.

The GUI could use some improving. It looks awfully bland.

Just a me thing, but its not a mall. You don’t have to take this seriously but I just noticed that.

Other than that, gl on the game! Looks good so far!

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Thanks for the feedback, I think I forgot to scale the exit build menu text properly, I’m working on the GUI but I have no gui skills, I’m thinking about hiring someone but they have crazy rates. I’m gonna change the name cause you can’t have roblox in the title, if you have any ideas tell me cause I got nothing.