Opinoins on my trees

Opinoins on my trees
The other day I made some trees and i’d like to see what the community thinks of them before I use them in a game.
Here’s the low poly version of the trees.

Here’s the high poly version of the trees.

If you like the trees which version of them do you like more the high poly or low poly?


I think you misunderstood the terms “low poly” and “high poly” both of the trees that you showed have the same amount of polygons and would be considered low poly, the difference is that one has textures on it whereas the other one doesn’t.
these trees are extremely simplistic, now if this is the look that you are trying to achieve in your game, go for it, I think the untextured one looks better as the tree is quite simple and the texture should kinda match imo, however here are a few tips to make you tree more tree-like
~ I find that making good looking trees with multiple branches is extremely hard with just studio, I suggest learning how to use blender to create at least a nice trunk with branches :slight_smile:
~ if you plan for your game to have a cartoony vibe, use the 1st one, if you’re looking at adding more realism, use the 2nd one


I amen’t really downloading anything on my pc right now as I am getting a new pc soon but once I have the new pc i’ll probably gonna download blender. Thanks for the tips and feedback. Now go have a great day! :smiley: