Optimal way to handle animations in a combat game

I’m making a combat game that will require me using animation markers to decide when to generate a hitbox, which I want to be handled on serverside, but I also want the animation to be ran on clientside, how would I achieve this while making it exploit-proof? or maybe I’m thinking about it too much or went offtrack?

If the system that registers the damage is on the server and it is separate from the animation, you might experience issues with some players with high ping.

I would recommend making not just the animations but also the hitboxes on the client as well. Then, fire a remote to the server with details. You can perform some sanity checks on the server to stay secure.

Remember that doing this on the client will be the best option for a fast gameplay experience. I’ve had some problems in the past when the hitbox was on the server.

I’m letting the client handle the hitregging, but only when the server tells it to do so, but it wont get frame accurate marker hits, that’s my main problem. (I mainly want to avoid client being able to trigger a hitbox gen several times more than intended so I don’t overcomplicate security and sanity checks on serverside)