Optimizing Game with Microprofiler?


I have been working on a new military base. This base is experiencing heavy lag. This lag includes delayed chat bubbles, occasional delayed character movements, and long loading time. My laptop is a gaming laptop, so using 1GB of RAM is not an issue; however, for most of my players this is.

I have taken a 4-frame dump of the Microproilfer (which I do not understand) as well as some screenshots.

Here is the dump:
log_AD84A_microprofile_20200320-174346.html (303.4 KB)

Here are some screenshots:

Client Memory

Server Memory





Game link: [UPDATE!] Naval Academy - Roblox

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You used custom textures for pretty much everything. That’s going to eat memory. Uploading a texture is uncompressed (To my knowledge), so depending on the size, it will make a huge impact on both memory usage and load times. Do you really need a custom texture for basic surface like concrete or metal?

The map is also quite big and uses smooth terrain which can be another culprit of high memory. There’s really not much you do about that (Besides turning on StreamingEnabled if you haven’t already). Just try to optimize your use of textures.

Gotcha. We have removed lots of textures; however, we are struggling to find 500MB worth of textures.

Here is an updated dump of the Microprofiler:
log_AD84A_microprofile_20200320-174346.html (303.4 KB)