Option to disable Purchase Prompt Delayed Input

I noticed that this has been added very recently.

Personally I do not care for it and I don’t appreciate being stopped when I want to purchase something so I’d suggest that Roblox should allow users to Enable / Disable this as an option in their account Settings/Security instead

Image from Gyazo

I also think Youtubers will also agree with this as they usually purchase a lot for their content and this Delay makes it harder for them to make videos.

I think it’s a good feature overall to prevent impulse buying and scamming especially for kids however as I personally don’t appreciate it getting in my way.


Temporary solution is to create a JSON file called ClientAppSettings.json under ClientSettings in your Roblox install and put that flag in to force it to be false.


Other than that I dont see how this would be beneficial given how it’s obviously been done to prevent scam games that exploit you spam pressing (mainly on Xbox). Most YouTubers could just cut out the delay in their editing software