Orchard Academy is hiring a Campus Builder

About Orchard Academy
Hello! Orchard Academy is a new-upcoming ROBLOX Primary School based in the United Kingdom. (Year 3 → 6). We aim to give a realistic, modern and up-front approach when educating our Students.

What needs to be included in the Campus?
I have a specialised plan for the Campus which will be sent upon Agreement & DM.

I’d prefer if the Campus was low-poly so, it can work on multiple devices but other styles can work.

You will be paid between 2K - 2.5K (2000 - 2500) for your work depending on the effort. I’m expecting a non-rushed campus. I would of also offered a % of the games revenue however School Campuses don’t make that much.

If you’re interested in this position as Orchard Academy’s builder, please contact Lewis#9189 on Discord.

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