Orchestral Music Feedback

I’ve been using the BBC Symphony Orchestra Core music plugin for a while and what stinks is being limited to one technique per every instrument. So I decided to expand out with creating separate channels and instruments for more techniques to diversify the sounds a bit. I wanted feedback to see how this piece works with the strings techniques varying between pizzicato and legato. My only thought is that the pizzicato seems to be recorded closer than the legato so it sounds off, but it may just me.


I think the music is perfect! As a person who plays the violin in rl, this is a piece I would love to play or hear in a concert. However like you said the pizz seemed to be much closer than when it was played in legato at times, but in my opinion, it sounds better that way, and of course it could just be dynamics. Either way it sounds great.

Lovely wow! Great Job, i love this so much, I’ll try to play this IRL with my violin haha. Also! It would be great if the strings volume were lowered in some parts when other instrument plays its melody, You get the idea! Either way its really lovely to hear :heart_eyes:

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Ah, I love how Incorporated the pizzicato in Major piece.

I think the transition from 0:17 - 0:18 could be a bit smoother. It just seems a bit rushed the the violins (I think) to start immediately. Other than that great worl