Ordering/sorting UI elements: alphabetical arrow points down but price ascending arrow points up

I’m looking for a solution to a very minor problem I’m having, I’m in a dilemma currently.

So, for sorting elements, I’m going to offer four sorting orders:
Price ascending: image
Price descending: image
Alphabetical: image
Reverse-alphabetical: image

The issue is that the arrows conflict: price ascending’s arrow points upwards whereas alphabetical order’s arrow points downwards, opposite direction despite those two being similar. It’s really bothering me that the two corresponding icons’ arrows point in the opposite direction.

This is obviously a very minor detail, it’s probably just me overanalyzing things but from a UI design perspective, is there another approach I should take other than arrows?

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Possibly just switch the order they’re in? So the price ascending would be the price descending, whereas price descending would be price ascending?

That should work, but if it doesn’t, I’ve got nothing really for you-

That’s probably the way to go but that still feels weird. If you’re looking at an in-game catalog and you want to sort items, chances are you’d sort from price low to price high, or alphabetical. I don’t know, do you know if there’s another way to represent alphabetical or price other than an with an arrow?

Honestly, I have no idea what else you could use to represent that stuff; It’s really weird this is happening, especially if it’s supposed to be in order…

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You can try spelling the entire word out:
ABC — alphabetically
ZYX — reverse alphabetically
123 — price ascending
321 — price descending


I asked on ux.stackexchange.com as well as this post and someone made a great answer there. Ended up just being due to me misinterpreting the meaning, feel free to have a read here: