Ore Tycoon 2 | March 2021 / Springwrath Update Patch Notes

The March 2021 Update is here!

New Mythicals

Marching into this month’s Mystery Bag roster are…

Soul of Music xMythical

Emotions. That is the soul of music.
Cosmic Towers (Floor 4, Lv. 4) skin.

Rockstar Reckoning Mythical

Fight the world with ROCK N’ ROLL!
Slash/Lunge: 20 / 34
SPD: -4
Special Effect: World Tour
Each kill adds 8 SPD for 30s. Maximum of 5 stacks.

The “A Musical March” Mystery Bag Item Event will start on March 1, 2021 2:00 PM (UTC+8) and end on March 28, 2021.

Other Additions

microphone chimes

  • New items have arrived to the Catalog and the Mystery Bags!
    • New Mystery Bag items:
      • Legendary: Musical Entrance (Starry Gate skin)
      • Legendary: Chimes (Metal Polisher skin)
      • Rare: Musician (Particle)
      • Rare: Music Staff (Trail)
      • Rare: Guitarista (Chat Badge)
    • New and returning Catalog items:
      • Musician (Chat Badge)
      • Virtuoso (Chat Badge)

Changes & Improvements

  • The Frying Pan, Bloxiade, Fast Potion, Old-timey Fire Potion, Lantern, Rapidfire Shocker, Illumina, Firefly Jar, Gravity Coil, Greatsword, and Teddy Bloxpin gear can no longer be obtained from Weapon Chests
  • Added a Weak Gravity Coil. Can only be obtained from the Weapon Chest.
  • Optimized collisions and shadows of some items


  • Nerfed Blizzard Butcher Slash/Lunge: 20/36 → 18/28
  • Nerfed Dominus Textor HP: 30 → 20; JUMP: 30 → 10; SPD: 6 → 4


  • Fixed collision issues
  • Fixed Ore Purifier model
  • Fixed Island Teleporter still having snow
  • Fixed items with missing stats descriptions
  • Fixed VIP special buy prompt having outdated price

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February Festivities 2021 Update


Week 9 Updates

Update 210302a

  • Fixed Science skins not applying
  • Fixed Heartcrusher not being considered as a weapon
  • Fixed xMythicals in the Mystery Bag Roster not having the item type in tooltips
  • Fixed Researching not subtracting the Tycoon Bux requirement from your account
  • Removed Snowies items from the Mystery Bags
  • Removed the “Boosts” filter from Catalog

The “Springwrath” Mystery Bag Item Event is here!

New and Returning Mystery Bag Items

Springwrath Blade xMythical

Those who care not about Nature must suffer the wrathful blade of Spring!
Slash DMG: 17
Lunge DMG: 23
SPD: -2
Decay DoT: 1-4 DMG / s
Decay Duration: 8s
Special Effect: Natural End
Lunge hits apply a decay effect which deals DMG for a set amount of time if the opponent is standing on grass. Decay effect also reduces opponent SPD by 4 and opponent JUMP by 10 regardless of position. Can only occur once every 12s. Decays cannot stack.

Springwrath Minigun Mythical

A minigun infused with the energies that bloom in Spring. It servers as a stark reminder that the power of Nature must not be underestimated.
DMG: 13
Dropoff: 55 studs
Ammo: 89
Firerate: 0.08s
Reload Time: 3.4s
SPD: -2.1

Spring Saber Mythical (Returning)

Run together with the Spring breeze across the field of Spring flowers! The Spring Saber allows you to run faster and to gain life from hitting other opponents.
Slash DMG: 18
Lunge DMG: 24
SPD: 6
Special Effect: Spring’s Blessings
User is healed by 25% of damage dealt.

Springwrath Spear Legendary

Slash DMG: 8
Lunge DMG: 10
SPD: 2
Special Effect: Nature Infusion
Staggers and deals 80% more DMG on opponents standing on grass. Additionally, the user’s movement SPD is increased by 7 while standing on grass.

The “Springwrath” Mystery Bag Item Event will start on March 28, 2021 10:00 AM (UTC+8) and end on April 18, 2021.

Other Additions

cherryblossom springgenerator bee

  • New items have arrived to the Catalog and the Mystery Bags!
    • New Mystery Bag items:
      • Legendary: Flight of the Bumblebee (Lightningsparks Upgrader skin)
      • Legendary: Unbeelievable (Particle)
      • Rare: Magic Bee (Chat Badge)
      • Rare: A Trail of Sakura (Trail)
      • Rare: Emerald Forcefield Generator (Forcefield Generator skin)
    • New Catalog items:
      • Mythical: Cherry Blossom (Urban Upgrader skin)
        The blooming of the Cherry Blossom, or Sakura, mark the end of Winter and the start of Spring. Its bloom, however, only lasts a couple of days before it’s gone. Hence, it symbolizes the ephemeral nature of life.
        Likewise, this item will only be available in the Catalog for two weeks. Purchase it now before it goes offsale on April 11, 2021 at 10:00 AM (UTC+8)!
      • Common: Sprout (Chat Tag)
      • Rare: Bee (Chat Tag)

Changes & Improvements

  • Optimized collisions and shadows of some items
  • Forcefield Generator now changes color depending on status
  • Improved a thing that is a springwrathnotes thing
  • Removed Mythical Bag trail and particles from the Mystery Bags, which has been replaced by Pastel Sparkles.
  • Ceramic Pot Maker now changes color while on click cooldown
  • Improved Lightningsparks Upgrader model


  • Nerfed Neon Cannon: Bullet DMG: 34 → 12, SPD -5 → -7
    • Dev Note: The Neon Cannon was supposed to be a shotgun with a very high bullet spread. However, the conversion to radians of the spread value was accidentally done twice, causing the Neon Cannon to have super high accuracy. This caused the weapon to be insanely and unintentionally too powerful at all ranges. After careful consideration, we have decided to keep the unique high accuracy trait of the shotgun and instead nerf the Neon Cannon on its damage output and SPD debuff.
  • Nerfed Anansi’s Fang: CD 15s → 20s


  • Fixed the in-game shirt store
  • Fixed Neon Cannon stat typo
  • Fixed some Mystery Bag items not having a tier
  • Fixed a redundancy in Owner Door code

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Week 13 Updates

Update 210331a

  • Fixed the main/first conveyor unwalled model
  • Balanced the Springwrath Spear:
    • Slash/Lunge DMG: 9/12 → 8/10
    • SPD: 0 → 2
    • Passive “Nature Infusion”: Staggers and deals 100% more DMG on opponents standing on grass. Additionally, the user’s movement SPD is increased by 7 while standing on grass. → Staggers and deals 80% more DMG on opponents standing on grass. Additionally, the user’s movement SPD is increased by 7 while standing on grass.
  • Nerfed the Shadow Katana:
    • SPD: 14 → 7