Ore Tycoon 2 | Version 2.10 Deepest Depths Update Notice

Hey, Tycoons!

In preparation for the upcoming Ore Tycoon 2 update, Version 2.10 “Deepest Depths”, releasing this October 17, 2021 10:00 (UTC+8), we’d like to share with you some details about a few major changes coming soon!

1. New Expansion

The Deepest Depths expansion, as teased in our Secrets of the Deep event, will be coming in Version 2.10! This expansion is a huge one, and we hope that you’ll all love it once it comes out.

We won’t be revealing any further details — we think we revealed enough in our first-ever puzzle event. See it for yourself this Sunday!

2. New level cap and reset requirements

In Version 2.10, the level cap will be raised from 20 to 30. The requirement to reset levels will also be updated to Level 30. Starting Version 2.10, resetting will now give you the “Back to Ore One” achievement. Resetting will also award 10,000 Tycoon Bux and a new limited-time “Ruby Crystal” chat badge. Hooray! :happy4:

Levelling up at Levels 20 and above will also award you one Science item (as opposed to the current level up rewards for levelling up between Lv. 1 - 20, which awards one science item per two level ups). We’re also adding 12 new Science Items to the item pool in Version 2.10, which we can’t wait to show you all! In fact, we’re so excited that we’ll show you one of the new Science Items right here right now:

So cool!

NeoOrb rewards will also be higher for the new levels.

Since a new “season” will be starting, everyone’s current resets will be reset to 0. This means that everyone will be eligible for the first reset rewards, regardless of their current resets.

3. New OST

Version 2.10 is not only bringing a new expansion to the table — it’s also bringing two new songs to the game!

In Version 2.10, the Island Expansion and the Deepest Depths Expansion will have their respective themes made by the one and only Evanbear1!

In Version 2.10, the Island has never felt more tropical than ever!

One important thing to note in the upcoming update is that the new songs will not be played in Legacy Playlist Mode. If you want to hear the new songs, please disable it while you’re on the area. (Yes, the area themes will automatically play as soon as you enter that specific area!)

2021-10-13 17-55-54

Though we’re super excited to show you the new songs, we think it’s best for you to experience them for yourself in the next update. See you on release day!

4. Refinery Upgrade Pricing Changes

In Version 2.10, we reduced the NeoOrb cost of the tenth tier of “Conveyor Overdrive” from 10 to 8. All players who have researched the tenth tier of this research will be refunded 2 NeoOrbs.

5. Bug Fix Compensations

Back in Version 2.8, we had a bug wherein the “Respec NeoOrbs” product did not restore the correct amount of NeoOrbs when purchased at certain levels. This has since been fixed. However, we couldn’t correct the NeoOrb count of affected players until now.

In Version 2.10, all players that still have an incorrect number of NeoOrbs due to this issue will have their NeoOrbs count corrected and will receive 2,500 Tycoon Bux as compensation.

Besides this, we also had an issue wherein players who leveled up during Version did not receive their Science Items. This issue went undetected until hours have passed, and was promptly fixed. In Version 2.10, affected players who have not reset their levels (which will fix the number of their Science Items) will receive the correct number of Science Items and will receive 2,500 Tycoon Bux as compensation. We apologize for this issue.

Thank you so much for all of your support to Ore Tycoon 2. We can’t wait to show you what else is in store in Version 2.10.

See you on October 17, 2021! :happy3: :wave: