Organized Tweening System

I’m trying to make a system similar to this. I have values set up already (for example, if value == 1 then there is one pop up, if ==2 then there are two.) I’m confused as to how I would get them in this orderly fashion, on top of each other and then tween off as shown in the clip below. Thanks for any help.

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I just need any insight of how I might be able to do this.

They are using an invisible Frame (with ClipsDescendants set to true) and a TextLabel inside it initially positioned out-of-bounds that is being tweened back, and they are all being parented to another Frame with a UIListLayout (since old notifications “jump” to their new position), like this:



Seems to work perfectly so far, I’ll finish up the tween and I think all should be worked out. Thanks.

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