Organizing Scripts / Module Scripts

Greetings, Developers.

I’ve recently been scoping out how I can organize my code for UIS so it’s more efficient and gives my clients pleasure. I’ve asked a couple of my friends that code and I asked them how they organize code and basically they mostly use Module Scripts for any effects they implement inside of UIS and then they write the main code that defines the module names so it’ll coordinate and call any effects. For example:

Define Example

AllModues = {

Call Example


I want a layout like this basically and I wanna know the easiest route. With using modules like shown above.

Module scripts are mainly designed for hosting functions and potentially even some constants (no #define in lua ); ) anyways you would basically have a folder of scripts that work together to do something (a system). You do not make one huge script thats like 400 lines and impossible to debug, I mean who wants to edit code like this…