Os.date() question

How would I get the date with os.date(), of the last day in the week?

What do you mean by the last day in the week? Saturday? Sunday?


no like, when the week ends. (Sunday)
I would like to get the date of the next sunday of the current time.

You could use os.date with “%w” to figure out what day it is, then subtract that from 7 to figure out how many days to add.

Edit: Since Roblox considers Sunday to be day 1, you would actually have to subtract from 8. Since this would make Sunday be +7 days, you would want to get the remainder of (8 - weekDay) and 7, so something like (8 - weekDay) % 7.


When you have the number of days until the next Sunday, you would just add that times 86400 to the current time to get that day’s date.

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