Other solutions for movement scripts

Let me get straight to the point, When trying to make any sort of movement system relative to the lookvector of the character it will mess up when facing the opposite way. For example https://gyazo.com/44cf79d333593458c576df1ca6b53e5a
Notice how it goes the other way,So yeah am just looking for other solutions that will change that behavior. Any suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

well it goes opposite to the lookvector of the HumanoidRootPart, So that behavior is expected, I am just trying to find more solutions to change that behavior.

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Try putting a subtraction sign in front of your reference to the vector like so:


This will “flip” all the values in the vector and, in turn, have the effect of flipping the vector to face the correct way (basically like an inverse).

That’s what am using right now, problem is it only works well while being in shift lock / first person.

If you use the orientation matrix then there shouldn’t be any problems. Can you elaborate on what the problem here is?

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