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closed - portfolio out of date


i love your assets but if you know what will be better if you put all your assets in one map people will be more drawn

Thanks for the feedback! I am working on a few maps at the moment which I will include once they are complete.

Hmm… Might purchase when they open back up.

Hello there! Your work looks great! Do you only take robux by any chance or you can take Euros or USD?

I take Robux and USD via PayPal. You can find the prices for both USD and Robux here (:

They all say robux? Is it dev-ex?

Where it says $1 / 100 Robux, $10 / 1000Robux, etc. that is the price in USD and Robux. So $1 / 100 Robux would be $1 USD or 100 Robux depending how you are paying.

Commissions open - 1/3 slots taken

UPDATED: March 5th 2021

  • Only taking USD as of March 5th 2021.