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This cookbook was specifically designed for staff at Outback or anyone who simply needs a refresh on how to make the many different types of food you can make in our kitchen. This cookbook is to be used as a resource for our employees to look off of to learn how to make everything off our menu. If you ever have trouble making anything, feel free to ask a fellow employee or someone from management to assist you, or you can attend one of our daily training sessions that get hosted for further assistance.

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Keep in mind that the maximum items someone can order from one person is 3 items

Ice Cream

Cone + Flavor = Ice Cream


Cup + Milk (Milk) + Flavor (Flavored milk) + Ice + Blender = Milkshake.
Side note: Any cup works just fine.


Drink Cup + Machine = Soda

Fridge Items (Food)

Plate + Item from fridge. To cook items, do not go to the ovens next to the fridge. Go to the fryers next to the Popsicles. = Fridge Items

Fridge items with a plate: Raw Chicken, Raw Chicken Nuggets, Buffalo Wings, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Steak, Chocolate Cake, Grilled Cheese (Sandwich), Hot Dog, Mozzarella Sticks, S’mores, Salad, and Cheesecake.)

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Wrapper (Next to the fryer) + Fridge = Cotton Candy

French Fries

Paper Basket (Next to trash can near door), Fridge, Fryer = French Fries.
Fries can also have cheese added to make cheese fries. In able to add cheese, touch the French fries to the cheese dispenser which is located next to the popsicles.


Like a fridge item, grab a plate, then click “Raw Burger”. Cook it in the oven next to the fridge. Then, go to the burger station and touch the other items = Burger

Double Burger

First, grab a plate then touch the fridge. Get a Raw Burger. Then, simply cook the Burger by touching the ovens and then get cheese from the Burger station. When you finish, go back to the fridge and touch it then click “Raw D. Burger”. Cook the Raw Double Burger and then add your toppings.

All other items (Popsicles and Pastries) are obtained simply by clicking them.

Please DM saucyturtle96 if something needs to be updated.

Guide made by saucyturtle96, ported over to DevForums by Patrick.