[OUTDATED] EternalCanadianDev's Building Portfolio | One Man Armoury {Guns, Armour and More...}

I added you back! You can respond now, :smile:

70% Sale has ended. Still taking commisions! Dont be afraid to DM me! :smile:

I was told that I would receive my investment last week. It was then pushed back to Monday. It is now Wednesday. I am also getting annoyed, as I have been ignored for the past 4 days. I was already put on here like my investment was given, even though it hasnt…

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Same thing here.

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Heyo, added you!


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Ive recently been experiementing with new Gun Building And Armour/Vehicle building types. So, to increase my skill, services are now free for 48hrs.


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Hey dude! Im seeing some nice pieces of work, but I think you make your items in roblox studio. If this is the case, I 100% would vouch for you to move over to Blender for more smooth, and possible more detailed and realistic results. Nonetheless, 100% would recommend,


Yeah, I do make them in studio. Ive never really been good with blender. Ill probably switch to blender soon.

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100% recommend blender, for roblox studio, these look like they have been made with love.

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I didnt get a FR. Send it again if it didnt work.

Once again, dropping prices, All prices dropped by 50%!!

Contact for commissions!!


I updated the portfolio to make it look a little better I guess… Well, prices are still dropped by 70%.

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Wow! This building portfolio is amazing, eh?

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I know, how bout dat eh? Thanks for the compliment. :heart:

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Reminder, do not use the poll with an opinion on my service if you have never commisioned me. I know who has and who hasnt and I already see one false review.

Not gonna name any names though.

If you have recived a reply from me saying I will invest in your project, please DM. Thanks

Investing services are closed until further notice. I get tons of messages about this and I doubt I have enough time/money to invest in everyone. I also dont like to say no to people so its hard for me to not try.

Please, please do not contact for investments anymore and any investments I have not commited to as of before March 30th are Null & Void. :smile:

Still looking for building commissions.

Contact me with attached contact section to get commissions.

I will like to get your investing service.