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Aauvi Juicery & Cafe | Training Guides

Hey MRs! Feel free to customize this to your liking, although ensure it stays understandable, and it conveys all the same info! Thanks!

Host Guide:

Hey hosts! To start a session, first join the facility 15-20 minutes early and attempt to gather some training staff. The only staff that can train will be roled in the discord server as ‘Training Verified’ and must be SA+.
Announce, and ping the MRs that your in need of trainers. Remember to ping again once your full, or dont need anymore.

When communicating with MRs PLEASE only use Discord, in game DMs, or Team chat. PLEASE donot use normal chat. To utilize ingame DMs say dm (user) (message) in the console. If you play on mobile and dont have the console, please say /c system in the chat, then run the command.

Once your MRs join, please use the group command and sort where they will be training.
ex: :pineapple: | Trainer A
After you have atleast 1-2 trainers, start to gather your trainees.
Please be aware that you can delay the session or even cancel it if you dont have atleast 3-4 trainees. Maximum delay time is 10 Minutes.

Set the group shout to something similar to below:

:pineapple: | Hey Aauvi! The x:00 AM/PM Session is commencing very soon! The server is now unlocked to Trainee+! Join now for the chance to be promoted. [TC LINK]

Post a S message in the server (sticky message) informing the trainees that the session is commencing soon, and ask for their undivided attention and patience.

:pineapple: | Welcome to the Training Facility! Please be attentive as the session will be commencing shortly. Say ‘pts’ in the chat for any questions.

(Also unlock the server with ‘unlock’ as it automatically locks when there is no session)

Ensure all your MR+ staff are seated on the stage somewhere, and ready to train.

Once it reaches x:00, please start the session by sending a message similar to the ones below.

First, send out an S message informing the server that the session is commencing.

s :pineapple: | The session is now commencing, please if you have not already find a seat and turn your attention to the stage.

remember to lock the server using ‘lock’

When sending messages, use the m command. You can optionally copy and paste the following messages if you wish.

m :pineapple: | Hey everybody! Welcome to the x:00 Training Session hosted by exquicvs. The hardworking admins behind me will be assiting me in training you today.

m :pineapple: | During this session we do ask a few things of you, momentarily, a series of automated messages will inform you what we require of our Juicers during training.

say rules in the chat

once those finish continue with your messages

m :pineapple: | Thanks for your attention, soon we will continue on with the session but first we have some further infomation to help set you up for secuess.
m :pineapple: | During the session we will have 3 stages. The Greeting test, the disruptive customer scanario, and the ordering section.
m :pineapple: | Remember, during the ordering session, dont hand your order until your trainer asks for it to avoid confusion. If you need to disconnect at anytime, PLEASE notify your trainer.
m :pineapple: | We are now ready to further commence with the session and move to our groups! Trainers, you may now teleport to your groups! Trainees and juicers, your trainer will teleport you to your group shortly.
m :pineapple: | Best of luck during this session!

once the lobby has been cleared, post a s message containing the following:

s :pineapple: | Best of luck during the session! The lobby has now been cleared. Have a great time!

ensure that all the trainers dm you that everything looks good, then you are good to go AFK. be attentive for the Dm sound that will notify you when you need to start ranking.

Your job is now mostly done as a host. Please stick around the session to rank the trainees that pass the session. Once the session has been completed, you are free to invite the remaining MRs to the stage for a session photo to go on the communications server. Thanks for your time!

Trainer Guide:

When training ensure to join the server 15-20 minutes before the session starts. To train, you will need to be training verified, please check in at our communications server to do so.

Once you have been told to teleport to your group, please teleport your trainees and dm your host using the dm command, that everything looks good.
ex: dm exquicvs Everything looks good!

Then you can start the training process.

(With assistant) Hi everybody! Im your trainer, exquicvs! Im accompanied by my assistant, (assiatants username).
(With assistant) Please be attentive as I list some information about our first section.

(Without assistant) Hi everybody! Im your trainer, exquicvs! Please be attentive as I list some important infomation about our first section.

:pineapple: | Our first section will be the Greeting Test.
:pineapple: | During this section, you will receive 15-30 seconds to form a professional greeting that will be informative tword your customers.
:pineapple: | An example of a greeting will be provided by my assistant.
:pineapple: | An exmaple of a greeting is: Welcome to Aauvi! Im exquicvs, your Juicer. What can I get for you?
:pineapple: | You’ll also need an outro. Something like this works: Thanks for choosing Aauvi! Hope you enjoyed our service. If you did, feel free to leave a tip.
:pineapple: | Does anybody have any questions regarding Greeting, or this section? Silence will be translated as a no.
:pineapple: | Sounds awesome! I’ve now started a timer for your greetings. Please form a greeting similar to one that I displayed to you.
:pineapple: | Ensure you only send it once i’ve asked for it!
:pineapple: | The timer has completed. Once me or my assistant comes up to you, state your greeting, and you will receive a point.
(If they display a proper greeting, give them one point. Do this with the group command. ex: group exquicvs :pineapple: | 1 Point)
:pineapple: | Great job everybody! If you passed the greeting section, you will have received a point. If you need any further help with greetings, stay after the session and me or my assistant can assist you.
:pineapple: | We’ve secuessfully completed the greeting section. We will now commence onto the trolling section.
:pineapple: | During this section, me and/or my assistant will act as a Disruptive Customer, and you will have to properly handle us.
:pineapple: | To handle a disruptive customer, first, verbally warn them. We have no specific way to warn trollers, although something like, “please stop trolling” works perfectly.
:pineapple: | If the customer proceeds, call for support using the ‘!support’ command. For the sake of the training, warn them, say !support, then step away from your register in sign of completion.
:pineapple: | We will now begin the section. Anybody have questions? Once again silence will be translated as a no.
(start acting as a troller if theres no questions)

:pineapple: | Nice! If you received a point, this means you passed the trolling section.
(if anybody remains)
:pineapple: | Unfortunately, if you did not receive atleast one point during this session, you are dismissed and unfortunately failed.
:pineapple: | Dont fret! At Aauvi, we host trainings DAILY. You can simply attend another training session anytime that works for you.
(kick them if they dont leave)
kick (players) :pineapple: | (yourusername) has dismissed you from the session. [Reason: Not receiving the sufficent amount of points to proceed.] Thanks for attending! Feel free to attend another session, soon!

:pineapple: | We are now commencing to the ordering section of this session! Please be extra attentive as I provide you with the information on our final section.
:pineapple: | During this section, me or my assistant will order from you. (You dont need to state your greeting)
:pineapple: | To pass, you will need to get the orders correct. They will increase in difficulty, so be attentive, and feel free to take notes!
:pineapple: | Please hand ME the order. Not my assistant. To hand, open the utility.
:pineapple: | If your struggling to open the utility, for mobile or PC click the wrench icon on the left of your screen. For PC only, you can click ‘H’ on your keyboard to open it.
:pineapple: | Remember, randomly handing items to users is considered point cheating, which can get you demoted. Keep this in mind!
:pineapple: | We are ready to commence! Any questions? Silence is taken as a no.
:pineapple: | Great! I will now state the orders. There is no timer, although please be mindful of time.

For order 1 you can make it any 1 pastery item.
:pineapple: | [ORDER 1]: Strawberry Cakepop
To assist the trainees, you can do the following
group me :pineapple: | [ORDER 1]: Strawberry Cakepop

(To check for the right order, you can use ulogs.) Remember to check if its the right size, and weather its warmed or not!)

:pineapple: | Outstanding work! Ive given you a point for getting the first order correct.
:pineapple: | Unfortunately, the order you handed me was incorrect. Please dont attempt to remake it, as there are other opertunities to pass this session. You were not given a point.
(You can make order 2 a pastry and a beverage.) 2 items max
:pineapple: | Great work everybody! [ORDER 2]: Large Chai Juice, Glazed Doughnut Warmed

:pineapple: | Outstanding work! Ive given you a point for getting the first order correct.
:pineapple: | Unfortunately, the order you handed me was incorrect. Please dont attempt to remake it, as there are other opertunities to pass this session. You were not given a point.
(order 3 is 3 items max, only beverages)
:pineapple: | Great work everybody! [ORDER 3]: Large Chai Juice, Medium Americano, Large Mint Boba

:pineapple: | Awesome work everybody! Please wait as I evaluate the results.
(If everybody has the sufficent amount of points, and is ready to become a juicer, you can group them as passed, and send the passing message. If they didn’t pass, kick them with the following message.)
kick (users) :pineapple: | You have been dismissed from the session by (yourusername) [REASON: You have unfortunately failed this session.] Feel free to try again another time at another session! Keep in mind that we host them on a daily basis. Thanks for attending!

:pineapple: | Congratulations everybody! You have all passed this session! [DONOT LEAVE YET!] Please be patient with me as I contact the host to promote you to your new ranks.
:pineapple: | If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them.
:pineapple: | You are now dismissed from this session. Great work everybody! If you have any more questions, ask an MR+ at the Juice Bar! Have an amazing day/night!

kick (usernames) :pineapple: | You have been dismissed from the session by (yourusername) [REASON: You passed!:pineapple:] Feel free to head to the Juice Bar! Have an amazing day/night.

Feel free to get a picture with the host at the stage! You can do so by saying !stage. Thanks!

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