[OUTDATED] Knight Simulator is looking for Skilled Scripters and Animators


About Us

We are small, upcoming development team with a high potential. We are

About The Game

Knight simulator is a simulator/RPG with aspects of an anime game, you start as a squire and work your way up to become a Hero of the land, you recieve quests from the king. One day you are handpicked by the king to take down the king of the barbaric blues (Not official name) on your way there you will encounter many hostiles that will try to stop you on the way.

The Team
@RoadmanBruno - Lead developer / Builder / 3D modeler (30%)
@you - Scripter - (25%)
@MR_WHIPPY1 - UI (15%)
@Bosscomic103 - Builder (20%)
@you - Animator (10%)

The game will be built from scratch

What we need

Scripter - We need the scripter to do pretty much everything to do with code (make swords, shop, pathfinding hostile)

Animator - We need you to animate for the weapons, the npcs etc


Online daily or regularly
Can speak english fluently
Discord (optional)


Scripter - 25%
Animator - 10%

Note: this is not the only payment, we will get an investor soon. but we do not know the exact amount we are looking for

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord at #Brun0#1589
You must be 14 years or older to apply.


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Your tag doesnt work can you help?

this was very old, i will make a new one soon.

Okay thank you so much and Ill get in contact with you soon.

I am an animator but, I can not friend you for some weird reason, hmu. Segwaxy#4797.

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