[outdated] Scripter Portfolio

About Me!

Hi I’m Typical or on roblox NerfGoogleGaming I’ve been programming for most of my life, I’ve been around roblox for a while since tickets, F (I had another account I know mine was made in 2016). But for most of my years on the platform, I’ve not been scripting. But around 2-3 years ago I picked up Roblox Lua, with my first game where I ever touched scripting being a Sonic Roleplay game, that is also my most popular game. I then worked on a game called “The Plate Paradox”, it failed. I then made “blow people up simulator” which was fun to make and I promoted but it didn’t do well either. I then made “bonk your head simulator” and I made my own ragdoll engine for that game, a lot of nights and it was fun. But again it didn’t lift off. Right now I’m working on a Street Fighter sort of game.

In short,

  • Scripting for 2-3 years :scroll:
  • Been programming most of my life :computer:
  • Made games, they didn’t lift off (besides sonic roleplay that got almost 500k visits) :video_game:


Here is a list of the games I’ve made if you would like to try:

From latest to oldest





I work best on:

  • Fridays (From 2-8 PM PST)
  • Saturdays (From 12-6 PM PST)
  • Sundays (From 12-6 PM PST)
    (I can work on weekdays but I have school sooo :man_shrugging:)


Prices are negotiable, I work by the hour.
If you want to pay with :robux_light: sure, but :money_with_wings: USD :money_with_wings: : is also accepted.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord: Typical#4157 for further details or if you would like to hire me.

Thank you so much for reading! :smiley:

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Do not click on any links in his resume document he sends you. I have been ip grabbed. They are grabify links.


No, they are not. They’re Roblox game links? (you can literally copy the link URL)

“last edit 28 oct”
Great job, you learned to edit your posts. Sorry for being over 4 months late but I’ll need to report you and send the edit history because IP grabbing is unacceptable.

I think you’ve made a mistake, the links seem to be fine, i’ve taken a look at them and doesn’t seem to be any malicious links in his portfolio.

No he changed it i saw it too i did not click on it though

The post has been edited since I first called him out months ago.

Thanks for saying that. Two people are more believable than one.

dude, I didn’t change the links. idk what your problem is? they’re roblox game links

I’m sending a report in an hour, I know someone personally who can take a look and likely see the edit history.

okay, good to hear! but the fact you never just went into your browser right-clicked the links and copied and pasted the links to check if they are real shocks me. Also, the edits were because of typo’s and if I can remember I used different emojis