[OUTDATED] Sirian142's Builder Portfolio | Small or Large Projects

About Me

:maple_leaf: G’day. I’m Sirian142 but go by many nicknames including (but not limited to) Siri, Sir, Sirian, or even my real first name. I enjoy both contracting one-time projects, and dedicated larger games.

I joined Roblox Studio years ago but had only got more advanced with developing within the last few months. My specialization is primarily Building, however, I can also be a secondary scripter, (with some Lua knowledge), a graphic designer (with not much public experience), and am currently learning Blender.

I do not have many titles that I was a big developer on, however, some I have worked with before include; Grapevine County, Stonehaven and State of Valhurst.

For the rest of the portfolio, I will focus only on Building.


Here I can provide a few screenshots of my recent projects.
If there is any project which I collaborated with or used other assets, there will be credit given to follow the image.

Valhurst State Police Department

Credit to
Valhurst Devs for: Light Model, Logo.
Unknown for: Door Script.


Credit to
Unknown for: Door Script.

Paramedic Dispatch & Filler Building

Grocery Store

Credit to
Unknown: Door script.


I spend most of my time staring at a screen, so I am available often.
If I am assigned a project, I will put much focus on completing such task for up to 8 hours in a single day. This is due to E-Learning, meaning my commitment time is subject to change due to personal needs. I am available on both weekdays and weekends, and if contacted I should respond the same day.


Payment depends on the project itself. It is negotiable.
Preferred payment would be PayPal, though I also take Robux payment.

Example: Grocery Store (Build, furnished as shown.); around 5 - 8 hours; :robux_gold:600 Robux or $4.00 USD
As stated before, depends on the project.

When developing, I have trust issues. I request that during the development payment is given along the way to prevent scamming.


My preferred contact would be Discord, as I respond very quick there; at Sirian-#9834
Otherwise, you may send me a Direct Message on this DevForum.

Have a good evening :smile:


I really recommend you hire him for any realistic structural builds for example counties, cities, and states. I’m currently working with Sirian on a V.2 Project. I don’t think you need to worry about his capability of doing a project.