[OUTDATED] Vales UI Design

As the title says, this is outdated.


Personally, I would 110% definitely hire Engine for any sort of UI commissions, he’s not only a really good friend of mine, but makes really good results and is overall a nice, professional presence to have in your development team.

As for the portfolio, I’ll DM you what you could add because I’m not sure if you would offer services for them right now.


I do recommend him a lot. He has so much energy and potential. He’s really great and I think you guys will love his service.


This guy is the awesome who ever needs a UI Designer hire this man, his work is for talented great job man!!


Have been working with Engine for a few weeks now and he’s a talented and knowledgeable guy, would recommend.


I can personally vouch for Engine. He’s incredibly talented in making unique, intuitive and impressive User Interfaces.


Unfortunately, we didn’t hire Engine (for the Steam’d UI) as we had some internal complications in regards of development.

However, ignoring that, Engine’s work is amazing. I have also seen some unreleased UIs that I believe are much better than the ones he has shown here. He works very fast as well; he made that Steam’d UI one in just a few minutes. The price he works at is also reasonable and you’re probably better off working with Engine who is reliable, fast and trustworthy, rather than purchasing a cheap knock off who isn’t as known for their pieces.

He sets out the UIs directory in a very organised fashion, so it’s easy to code if that is whats required. He also constructs his work around your preferences, so you’re garunteed your wish.

Hopefully this helps for any other future clients if they’re stuck in the middle whether or not to hire Engine. Good luck!


Currently, my commissions are open :white_check_mark:


I now commission discord bots! These are fixed 10,000 R$, £20 GBP, $25 USD.

Thanks for your interest!

I’ve seen potential in him from the start. If you’re looking for a UI designer for a game and don’t wanna spend an arm and a leg, Software is the guy to go to.

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I’m going to close my commissions for a while and rebuild it, mainly due to me wanting to incorporate my UI into other softwares. So I’m going to be learning Adobe XD, if you have any tips, please let me know!!

Really dude? When I’m just about to hire you?
Joking, these are some amazing masterpieces! Keep up the good work!
Yes I was about to hire you…

Hit me up, I’ll see what I can do!! :smiley:

Progress with Adobe Xd, my first ui without reference!

I highly recommend Engine. He is a really nice guy and someone who you would love to work with. I have worked with him for the past few months and he has been really nice to me and not only that but his work has not only astonished me but everyone else in the team too. Besides all of that he is really cheap and affordable. I would highly recommend hiring Engine for your projects.

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