Outlandish Entertainment is Hiring!

Outlandish Entertainment is Hiring!

About Us
Outlandish Entertainment is a new game developing company with big plans to branch out into different studios and create gaming experiences like never seen before. We are currently working on our first project under the studio “Outlandish TB” the game is an Assassin’s Creed like game called ‘The Brotherhood’.

The Current Team
@SpiffyYoyo1561 - Builder [Outlandish Entertainment CEO]
@IckyWitDaSticky - Game Director/Programmer

Available Positions

  • Programmer (1 Position Available)
  • Animator (1 Position Available)
  • Map Builder (1 Position Available)

About Available Positions
We are looking for an advanced programmer, animator, and builder. You must have at least 2 or more years of experience in the position you are applying for, more details can be given once you’ve contacted us.

These positions require at least 1-2 hours of work per week on what is being requested, if these requirements are met then the chance of you getting/keeping this position is low.

We are still a relatively new studio so payment won’t be much as of now, but once we have a stable income coming from our games/products you’ll begin to receive a relatively high salary. More payment details can be discussed once you contact us.

Contact Us
You can contact us on discord @ SpiffyYoyo1561#9877.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


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