Outraging - Information

v0.0 Update logs:


v0.0.3 /// 13.01.2022

  • Bug fixes:
    – general viewmodel fixes;
    – fall damage handler fixes;
    – infinite OOF sound on death removed.
  • Additions/changes:
    – temporary admin content added;
    – new testing map;
    – NPCs now can take fall damage.

v0.0.2 /// 13.01.2022

  • Bug fixes:
    – particles didn’t appear sometimes.
  • Additions/changes:
    – fists kick function added;
    – finishing added.

v0.0.1 /// 12.01.2022

  • Bug fixes:
    – blocking/parrying system fixed.
  • Additions/changes:
    – updated melees hitreg;
    – blood particles changed a bit.


Current development team (12.01.2022):
– Xertwel - owner, main developer;
– primxzool - main builder, UI designer;
– Rinkamearikiri - builder, game designer;
– ZeroStob - builder;
– Yarb0b - guns animator.

Other credits:
– Swordphin123 - raycast melee hitbox module.

Additional information:

This game is heavily inspired by other popular games (Criminality, The Streets and others).
If you see your assets in the game, please let me know using the communications server.
There are models from the toolbox in the game, but all the scripts that are in the game are written or modified by me.
If you think that there are stolen assets in the game that should be removed or changed, please let me know using the communications server.

Some game mechanics:

(not all game mechanics are here)

  • Health and stuff:
    HP - health points (pretty obvious);
    SP - stamina points;
    BP - blackout points;
    AP - armor points.
    Firearms deal more HP damage than BP damage. When the BP reaches zero, you pass out (ragdoll and blur effect).
    Melees deal more BP damage, than firearms do. This gives you a chance to knock out a player much faster than killing them.
    AP (basically armor) fully protects you from any other type of damage (not including ragdolling).
    If player dealt 10BP and 10HP, your armor will take 20 damage in total.

  • Cash system:
    CASH - money on your hands (in your wallet/pocket);
    BANK - money in your bank;
    ALLOWANCE - allowance (makes sense, right?).
    You lose CASH money on death. In order to buy something you need to have CASH money.
    You don’t lose BANK money on death. You can’t use BANK money to buy stuff. Withdraw money from your bank account to use them.
    You get your allowance every 10 minutes. To claim your allowance, use the nearest ATM.
    Use ATMs to withdraw/deposit money.

  • Bounty & WANTED system:
    BOUNTY - amount of money that is being rewarded for killing you;
    WANTED - your wanted level in stars.
    KILL gives you 100% of the bounty. KILL - finishing or dealing the most damage.
    ASSIST gives you only 50% of the bounty. ASSIST - dealing any kind of damage.
    WANTED level is being calculated like that:
    — 1 ★ - 500€
    — 1.5 ★ - 750€
    — 2 ★ - 1000€
    — 2.9 ★ - 1950€
    — 3 ★ - 1500€
    (1 ★ for each 500€, 0.1 ★ for each 50€)
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