Overhead GUI [NEED HELP]

Is it possible to make Overhead Billboard GUI text different, I mean like based on team, if other player is on the same team as me, they can see my username on My overhead (Above my head) but if they are not in my team, they see my overhead (Above my head) with text “Classified” , both of them can see my billboard overhead but the player that is on my team see my billboard overhead with my username , but player that isn’t on my team see my billboard overhead with text “Classified”. I need answer, thank you. If it’s possible, help me please, thanks once again.

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You could use local scripts to change it only on the client side.
So when you want you could fire a function to check all players and see what team they are on and change the billboards accordingly. If they are on your team then you could see there name, if not then change text to classified. Hope this helps.

Using FireClient or FireAllClients?

Can you help me more detail please?

You could do that but you might wanna do it all client side, so when you respawn or something the local script would change all billboards depending what team the local player is on

Oh you could also fire it when a player joins

So I should make it FireAllClients() ?

By client sided, @dancewiggle2 means just a local script. You don’t need to replicate any more info with a RemoteEvent, since the teams, names etc. are already replicated.

In the local script, get the local player’s team and create BillboardGuis for the other players based on their team compared to the local player’s.

You shouldn’t for security reasons; exploiters can intervene and do whatever they want with the so-called “classified” information to ruin the game.
You should manually :FireClient specific players of a team.

Previously I make the billboard gui with server script, so now I should make the billboard gui with local script and parent it to PlayerGui and adornee it to character head or I still can make it directly parent to character head?