Overhead GUI not working

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I want to make a GUI that shows on top of player’s head. And showing a role.

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The script I made is supposed to add the GUI to the player’s head. But it’s infinite yielding to find the GUI, which is stored in Replicated Storage.

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		local UI = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Overhead"):Clone()
		UI.Enabled = true
		UI.Parent = character.Head
		local Role = UI.Frame.Role
		Role.Text = "Member"

I believe everything is great here but the script is infinite yielding to find the GUI.

Infinite yield possible on 'ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Overhead")'

I left Studio without saving. I made it all again, the same code and everything. No longer yielding, but still cant see the GUI.

The GUI is named Overhead.


You dont have anything in Replicated Storage called Overhead. Try checking ReplicatedStorage and make sure something is accidently capitalized.

Can you check if there’s a “Overhead” instance inside your replicated storage?

So, after writing the post, i accidentally closed Studio without saving. I made it again with the same script and GUI.

The GUI is there.

But I no longer see the error in the output. Still not working.

I accidentally left Studio without saving the experience. I made it all again with same code and GUI.

It is no longer yielding, but I still can’t see the GUI.

Have you tried seeing if the overhead has actually cloned and parented itself to the character? Try adding print statements between the lines of code to check if it’s running.

I did all that. Events are working, I looked in the workspace and the GUI is not in the player. So im assuming its not parenting. \

I tried parenting it to Workspace, and its working. Its not parenting to the player.

Set the UI’s adornee to the Character’s head

Do I still have to parent it? Or just set the adornee?

I tried both doesn’t work.

I’d Say both, what are the properties of the billboard GUI , maybe that’s a reason as to why it’s not appearing

What is inside Overhead ?


This text will be hidden

A transparent frame, and a transparent background role label.

Is the issue that it’s not Parenting and appearing over the character’s head or that you can’t see it over the character’s head?

Remove the frame and keep the label

Then put this script in ServerScriptService

		wait(3) --load
		local Obj = game.ReplicatedStorage.OverHead
		local UI = Obj:Clone()
		UI.Enabled = true

		UI.Parent = character:WaitForChild("Head")

		local Role = UI.Role
		Role.Text = "Member"