Overhead GUI that displays RAP

Hey! I am currently working on learning HTTP requests and I decided to start this mini-project to practice. Making use of HTTP requests and a roblox API proxy, I created an overhead gui that gets the player’s collectibles with the inventory API and adds up all of their recent average prices, to finally display the players RAP over their head along with the players username.

Some optimizations I made:

  • The player’s RAP is rounded and displays only the first decimal
  • The RAP updates every 10 seconds
  • If the player’s inventory is private, it will still display his username
  • I also added a cool rainbow color-changing effect

You can test it out for yourself here:

If you don’t want to play the game, here is gif that displays my project:

I posted about this project yesterday, but at the time it was unfinished and buggy, so I decided to add features and optimize it.

If anyone needs it, you can add me on discord at fruitbarrel#2584

Edit: I also want to thank @TokoNanami and @Aldanium for helping me with bugs I had.


It’s very cool! It does appear the GUI moves around as the color changes however.


That is just a visual bug. All overhead GUI’s behave like that. It has something to do with the scaling on small screens. However, the more pixels a client’s screen has, the less the movement will be noticeable.

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Basically took the idea from trade hangout.

Yeah. My goal was to recreate the one from trade hangout to practice my skills.

I really like what you’ve done here. Keep experimenting with stuff because I see great potential in your projects. I rate it a solid 9/10.

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While it does look like a replica of Merely’s from Trade Hangout it’s still cool. You can make it even better if you keep on practicing. Good luck!

My initial goal was to replicate the one in trade hangout, however, I could change up the style and such things to make it even more unique.

model? I pay you 100r$

-I’ve been working on in for hrs