Overhead Line Equiptment


Any ideas, I really want to make this better than its current model.

You are not very specific by what you want to achieve. No one can help you as you haven’t provided much detail of any sort as to what you are trying to accomplish and including the problems you are facing.

Yeah! So I would totally add more scaffolding to it, if you look at Japanese railways for inspo you will see a lot of that stuff. Also, maybe some red/yellow/green lights to indicate stuff… like traffic lights attatched to the scaffolding kinda.

What you call a scaffold, is known as a “gantry”, they’re used to hold OHLE, and sometimes traffic lights that are more commonly known as signals.

Another funny thing is that not all signals look like traffic lights like wth are these


but i’ll stop nerding out over trains now

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Hh word! Yeah I had no idea there was a specific word for those. Very cool!