OverTime | Devlog | Part #1

Hello there! I’m recreating my first Devlog because my first one was very terrible, what is the game about? The game is about you, the player becoming a big manager for a corporation, alright onto progress

What I did?

  • Droppers

  • Upgrader

  • Dropper and Upgrader animations

  • Map


Well, not that much but I did record a footage of my dropper, and It was working with animations
here it is: robloxapp-20210808-1536374.wmv (5.3 MB)


In the footage I showed you the dropper animation but here this is footage that it works perfectly
robloxapp-20210808-1539300.wmv (403.8 KB) It was also recorded in the droppers footage too
and I also added a day and night cycle


Here is a photo of the map :smiley:


Well this is the end of my first Devlog again, I hope you enjoyed this Devlog, I know I did :woot:
my next Devlog maybe will be next week.