Overwhelmed by how difficult charting will be

Hello there! I am making a bullet hell rhythm game. I have the timer and the base project done, but now I feel kind of lost. I started making one of the bullets. So far it spawns based off of an int value that you put in that tells it what time to spawn.

Is there a better way to do this? I don’t want to spend forever going back and forth on one level of this game, which is planned to have hundreds. What would be the best method to chart the bullet hell notes accordingly to the music?

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Bringing it back, hopefully someone will see it and be willing to help?

sorry, if you’re looking for an answer here, i’m not really sure, but your game seems really cool from the description! (maybe because i love bullet hells and rhythm games)

hopefully you can find a solution and good luck

I didn’t really find a solution! It was a great idea – i wish I had been able to go with it.