Owl Academy | Staff Code of Conduct

Owl Academy | Staff Code of Conduct

Welcome to the staff team for Owl Academy! Since you probably are new (if you aren’t, welcome back!), we require you to read through these rules and follow them at all times. Failure to follow them may result in a suspension from the staff team.

Being a staff

While being a staff member at Owl Academy, your goal is to teach others and make sure that everybody creates and hosts sessions. While being a staff, you are not allowed to host the following sessions:

NSFW/NSFL content (e.g murder, gore, death, etc)
Any racism/inappropriate content or behavior.
Scripts/builds that may contain virus, such as free models.
Any discrimination/inappropriate behavior or content that may harm you or any other individual(s).

Rules for being a staff.

  1. Using your position as a way to get clout (e.g talking about it all the time, trying to hint about it, etc). You are allowed to tell others you have become one.
  2. Using grammar is required for all staff members. This is to look professional and making sure everybody understands the content you’re teaching.
  3. Abusing your position (e.g giving out false warnings/punishments, falsely banning someone, etc) is not allowed and will result in a 6 month suspension from the staff team.
  4. Be respectful towards yourself, others and the people around you. Do not talk about self-harm or jokes that may be sensitive towards other individuals.
  5. Be talkative, active and supportive! Show us that you can be a great person as you always are!
  6. As Roblox’s and Discord’s ToS, you have to be at least 13 years of age or older in order to become staff. If needed, a contact is signed. Failure to follow this rule is a violation of Roblox’s, Discord’s and Owl Association’s Terms of Service and will result in a permanent suspension from the staff team.
  7. Be fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Additional Information

  1. Using voice while teaching is completely optional, we do not charge any points for using it or not.
  2. Sessions that is hosted by each rank is separated and may update from a time to another. Join our discord server to find more out!
  3. Punishments can be from 2 weeks to 1 year depending on rule broken. If needed, we may remove you permanently from the staff team.

We can update these rules whenever we want to. Contact Schedency if you have any questions regarding these rules and conditions.