Ownset - Hiring Builders

The Team
@varjoy - Main Programmer
@SamirIsNotHere- Builder
@maybeyou - builder
@maybeyou - builder
@varjoy - UI

About The Job

We are looking for builders to join our development project, to create an amazing game.
Game is city related Roleplay.

All the details will be in Direct Messages.


We are distributing a fair % of earnings. which can be discussed.


Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: varjoy#4366

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I mean I can do 3d modelling lol XD

Absolubtly interesed!
Dm me!

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on discord???

Yes, add me please!
Waiting for you! :smiley:

my discord is being mean so it might take a bit sorry

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I can do building I’ll dm u once I have the time

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Still looking for candidates! :slight_smile:

Hello! I am interested, but accept my friend request so we can talk on discord.

Hello @varjoy! I might be interested. However, I would need more info on the game and the position if I were to be hired.

Hey jayden, lets talk in DM’s!!

Sorry, Discord is unavailable. Perhaps we could move this conversation to PMs here on the Forum?

I can build the houses/buildings in the city, I added you on Discord. I’m eeee#0104.

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