Packages Not Consistently Auto - Updating

I use Packages heavily in my game Midnight Racing: Tokyo. The game spans 4 accessible places, each of which is a huge, expansive world. Our development team consists of three people with Team create access and a team of developers working in remote workspaces on vehicle updates. Every so often, Six Pence (the other dev who’s account “owns” the Package which manages vehicles, since there are no “group” packages), updates the car pack with new work from the Vehicle team. Unfortunately, we’ve recently come across this problem

As you can see, despite being set to “AutoUpdate”, these packages are not keeping their version number current. This leads to bugs being patched in place 1 and place 2, but not place 3 and 4, etc. This does not seem like intended behavior and causes a major headache for devs like six and I - especially considering his slow wifi and my lack of time. Hopefully, something can be done about this, as it poses a huge disposition for developers working on multi-place universes - especially considering that I cannot update these packages myself. The vehicles folder contains every car we have in the game, so updating this is critical to our game.

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Hey, when was the last time the Package Owner joined these places? The place will not update until a user with the correct permission-level is present. We are aiming to resolve this issue this quarter with Package Permissions. For now, SixPence can also use Mass Update to resolve this issue.


Thanks for the feedback, I don’t think he’s been in the place for a little while since he has terrible internet and the game places are massive.

About this rule though, would it still apply to my packages (owned by me) that I have in the game since I’m the owner of the group game they’re published in?

Additionally, how could one “Mass Update” packages? I couldn’t find any button that allowed this functionality by right - clicking a package I owned.

Thanks for the feedback!

You will still need to join the place. As I said, this should be resolved with Packages Permissions, as any user with Edit Permissions that joins the place will have the same effect.

Mass Update is on the cloud package copy in the Game Explorer. Right Click, and there should be an ‘Update All’ button. This will take you to the Mass Update window. Note, that this will lock your DataModel during the update (we want to resolve this), and you will still need to publish the places in order for the Package versions to show in a live game.

Let me know if this resolves your issue!


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