Packages not loading in game explorer properly. (semi urgent)

Semi urgent because I can’t shut down my studio or my pc or even put it in sleep mode until this gets fixed. The problem is kind of simple.


Here I have a list of packages I’ve added in the current studio session. A lot of work has gone in these packages, so I don’t want to lose them.

After saving and publishing, loading the game in a new studio this happens.


As far as I am aware, it is quite literally impossible to re-add packages from inventory if they’re not added by converting them in a game. Using the “Import” button brings up a menu to import stuff from your pc, not from roblox.

I have already lost a ton of work from this yesterday, I spent most of today just restoring it, and yet again it’s not saving as it should. Please help.

I have found a solution! For anyone having this problem, here’s what’s going on:
Packages only show up in the game explorer if they are loaded in a game.

Any game linked with the game’s spawn place.

So what I’ve done is, since I’m using packages as a method to quickly organize and get model’s IDs, have a place that will never be accessed and simply dump every packages in there. They now correctly show up between every places in my game. Kind of a weird solution, but hey, it works.

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As you’ve figured out, unused packages are cleared out from your Game Explorer to reduce clutter. To add a package back to the Packages directory, you simply need to use it in the game. It will thus register in that game and be usable again.

You can only make packages from Roblox Studio in the first place.

There is a tab in your toolbox under the inventory view, “My Packages”. Simply open up that view to access your packages. When you drop one in, the package is registered with your game and an instance of it is dropped in for usage.


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