Packet Profiler - accurately measure remote packet bandwidth!

Do you use Stats Service? Or just fixed data and then calculate the data with the overhead data

you can see how I calculate the data in this thread: Remote Packet Size Counter - accurately measure the amount of bytes for remotes!

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aye, kept happening after. pretty sure i am getting ddosed. no idea though


  • Update PacketSizeCounter dependency to 2.1.0 (support for nil datatype)
  • Update wally to 0.3.2
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  • Update RemotePacketSizeCounter dependency to v2.3.1

NOTE: please update your plugin & potential in-game modules! Despite updating the packet size counter’s version, I didn’t actually install the new version, which caused it to be at v2.1.0 this whole time.

Added the latest version to our game, but it doesn’t seem to open up the menu for me when I press ctrl+f5 everytime.
Works fine on join, but then sometimes it can disappear when dying, and pressing ctrl+f5 again doesn’t bring it back up again.

We do use a custom loadcharacter…


  • Fix in-game profiler gui disappearing upon respawn

cc. @apenzijncoolenleuk1
NOTE: if you rely on custom PlayerGui cleaning behavior (e.g. destroying all screenguis upon respawn), make sure you don’t destroy PacketChart and PacketProfiler!

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Thanks for the quick patch!
Fixed for me.

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Hey, I just stumbled upon a documentation of the ROBLOX File Format. I’m not entirely sure if it’s accurate, but I found it on MaximumADHD’s reply and it’s also mentioned on the Wikipedia page about file signatures List of file Signature. Maybe check it out?

I don’t think this is relevant to the networking protocol, it’s just used for file storage.


I thought it related because I found it in Methods of Minimizing Bandwidth while using Remote Events? - Scripting Helpers. Well, I guess it just for file storage.

I completely forgot about the ‘PacketChart’ while testing. That still has ResetOnSpawn set to true.
Single-line fix for me was to add
ResetOnSpawn = false,
to line 162 of the PacketChart module.

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Thanks! I’ll fix it when I’m available.

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  • Fix in-game chart gui disappearing upon respawn

cc. @apenzijncoolenleuk1



  • Add (rudimentary) support for buffer datatype
  • Bump RemotePacketSizeCounter dependency version to v2.4.1

gotta update it to see unreliable remotes now

Right, forgot they’re a different class. I’ll update it soon, thanks!


  • Add support for UnreliableRemoteEvents