Page Design Preferences? (Darker theme)

Something I liked about the old forum was the calm and simple theme of it. Especially in terms of colour choice.

It also had clear boxes and section breakers, which separated topics and posts clearly.

And then the avatars; their size was great, and the fact that we could customize them added more identity to users in general.

I know there can’t be a setting for all of these things, but at least for the background color; something more calm.


Slight redesign:

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The new logo is here to stay, and I quite like the matching colors to the main site :raised_hands:

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What exactly is it supposed to represent? I’ve never seen anything like it on or associated with ROBLOX.

The crucible of digital creation.

Dev logo50px-wide.png

It’s honestly one of the worst logos + typefaces for the words around it I’ve ever seen

It reminds me of something like a website from 2005 that sold car parts. It looks out of place with Roblox’s theme, and the theme of the rest of the site. (White, grey, cyan)

Not saying the old logo was a work of wonder, but it was marginally better than this un-aliased one

@Aurarus No. You will not talk to us like this anymore. Be constructive or get out.


1) Modernize the logo

Simplify the logo
Remove the text around it

or if not,

2) Font

Use a vector-friendly font-type that stays consistent
Don’t use a font that has bad kerning + different thicknesses + out of place comical effect

3) Colour

Match the site, or at least the themes of the subject it pertains to

4) Incorporating old logos

Keep incorporated logos (Roblox logo) as its original form, or
Integrate its fontsize + style with the new text. Don’t have it be separate; then at that point just include original logo

I actually really like the symbolism behind it. I think all of this will take time to get used to however it gives us a distinct look. I however think it comes off negatively because of the image quality. I’m unsure if it’s just my monitor but when I look at it from my perspective it appears to be blurry. Maybe this is why it rubs off negatively on some people? Is it a Vector Graphic?

What browser are you using? it looks like this for me.

I use Chrome normally but right now having to resort to using IE