Paid access alternative

Using paid access, for my current project, is almost a must due to some core mechanics such as: permadeath, random rolled ability per player (varying in rarity), and to deter creating alts to take advantage of in game mechanics.

(the main reason for having a pay wall to play the game is so that exploiters have to continuously pay robux each time they are banned, their actions have much more weight in a permadeath game where killing a player unfairly via exploiting is insanely hard to recover from)

However, using paid access comes with a massive downside: no premium payouts. With the previous increases (9x the original rate!), not receiving this is likely to make far less robux than compared to making the game free and receiving premium payouts.

My current solution:
Make the game free to play but have a hub place with two universe places: a demo game that doesn’t save data and the full actively updated game. The full game would require a gamepass to access. The fact that data does not save on the demo will be made very clear.

My question:
Would this deter people from actually purchasing full access compared to simply making the game paid access? Would this cause players to just dislike the game since they cannot have their data saved? Is there a better alternative?

(i did see a similar topic related to this however it was just asking if it was against TOS)


Yes. Free players will dislike if they feel like they’re getting paywalled. Paid access games are protected from this because the paywall blocks free players from leaving dislikes. Rogue Lineage did something similar to what you’re talking about and their ratings were crushed into the dirt. They re-uploaded with proper paid access and the ratings were significantly better. Prepare for a like/dislike ratio below 50% if you do this.

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