Paid access is throwing an error when attempting to buy access to a game

The bug occurs when users are trying to buy access to this game.
I’m unsure if this bug is occurring in other games.

It throws an error, which states this:

An error occurred while processing this transaction.
No Robux have been removed from your account.
Please try again later.

The bug has been happening since the game enabled paid access, 12 hours ago.
No one has been able to buy the game yet.

In order to reproduce this, you need to have 100 Robux or more, or it will prompt you to buy more Robux.

Reproduction steps:

  • Click the button that prompts you to buy access to the game, and press ‘Buy Access’.
  • It should now try to process it, and when it fails it shows the error message.

An user attempting to buy it:

The error message:

Me attempting to buy the game:

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tried it with an alt, which has no robux; couldn’t repro as it just showed the insufficient robux thing;
also no, not “has”, “have” is correct in all instances; “10 Robux have been…” “No Robux have been”
Please correctly learn a language before you start correcting others


I also got the error when attempting to purchase access, if that helps: