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“Coffee for the heart!”

About Us

Paisu (Pie-soo) is a café located in Boulder, Colorado’s outskirts, close to the Rocky Mountains. Since the beginning, Paisu has strived to create a non-toxic environment where everyone is welcomed with open arms. Our staff members at our facilities will make sure you have a satisfying visit, and will treat you with proper care. Furthermore, we intend to establish a welcoming and engaged community for all.

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Affiliate Information & Requirements

Affiliate Information & Requirements

Paisu strives to create better relations with other companies so that each company we affiliate with can benefit from us, and vice versa. We apply to form an alliance with other groups, or other groups to form an alliance with us. It’s vital to build alliances with your company in order for the affiliate connection to benefit both sides. If you want to join an alliance with Paisu, you may either answer the questions below or build an alliance request document with all of your group’s details and send it to a Public Relations member.

Please wait up to 96 hours for an alliance result. You will be notified with your application results (either passed or failed).

  • Your group must have 350+ non-botted members in the ROBLOX group.
  • Your group must have 150+ non-botted members in the DISCORD group.
  • Your group should not be a school, or any babysitting/daycare services.
  • Your group should not have a current/past history of selling ranks with moderation perms, drama, or being sold.
  • Your games should not include stolen assets, and should have a reasonable amount of concurrent players daily.

Alliance Application Questions

  1. What’s your group’s name, genre of ROBLOX business, and members your group has? (Please link your group’s information below!)
  2. Why would you like to form an alliance with Paisu?
  3. How will this alliance benefit both Groups via growth and engagement?
  4. What makes your ROBLOX group stand out from other establishments?
  5. If your application is accepted, please list two representatives who will be representing your group along with their discord tag.
  6. Do you understand that if you break any terms of service or if your group is deemed unbeneficial we have the right to terminate the alliance?
Staff Information

Staff Information

Do you want to be a part of the Paisu team? It’s that easy! You must first apply for a trainee position through our application center, where you will be requested to respond to questions that will decide if you are qualified to join our team. If you pass, you will be required to attend a training session prior to providing services behind the counters.

We may open management applications if there is a management team shortage. This is a one-time usage scenario that will only be utilized under exceptional situations. If you want to work as a management member at Paisu, you must be at least thirteen years old, have no bad reputation in the business, and must be in the communications server. The discord server will include more information on emergency management applications.

What if I fail my application?

Don’t worry if you don’t get a job as a trainee. You are free to repeat the process until you obtain the trainee position. There are no time limits for submitting trainee applications; simply take your time answering questions.

How do I get a promotion at Paisu?

We don’t have a pointing system at Paisu, but you can get promoted to a higher rank by attending training sessions. Being a higher lower rank and attending a training session, on the other hand, will give you more difficult requirements for promotion to the next LR rank, such as more complex orders to complete, more trivia questions to answer, and dealing with customers who break the rules severely. Don’t worry, many of our employees have discovered that it isn’t as difficult as it appears!

How do I access recipes and guides?

Using the staff interfaces, you will be able to access guides on how to properly deal with rule breaking customers, as well as a recipe guide to create items! You must be a Novice Barista+ to access staff interfaces.

You will be learning more about becoming a staff member here at Paisu at trainings. Your trainer will precisely explain how your duties at the cafe works. If you have any minor questions after your training session, you may ask your trainer after the training concludes, or ask a management member in the cafe or DM them in the communications server.

Staff Intern Guide

Staff Intern Guide

Chances are you are someone interested in joining the Paisu staff team or being a Barista Leader looking for a guide to become the next management member. In Paisu, you must first be a Barista Leader before becoming a Staff Intern. The requirements to increase your chances of becoming a Barista Leader are listed below.

  • You should be above the age of 13, and should not have safechat.

  • You must have been a Barista Leader for 2+ weeks.

  • You must have proficient standard English grammar.

  • You must be in the discord communications server.

  • You should have a fantastic work performance and activity in the Paisu community.

If you meet the requirements, you may be considered for a position as a Staff Intern at Paisu. If you’re lucky, a General Manager+ will observe you and recommend you for a position as Paisu’s next management member.

We do conduct background checks to see if you’re ready to join the management team. For example, using grammar, not having safechat, and being on the communications server are all examples. You must also stand out from the rest of the staff by being unique, as well as having excellent work performance and customer service. Being a Barista Leader who does the bare minimum while exceeding requirements has a lower chance of becoming a management member than another Barista Leader who works hard at the cafe, treats customers well, and achieves excellent work performance.

Finally, if you are a Barista Leader, you should not be hinting for a management position in front of a qualified management recommender. This will not only reduce your chances of becoming a management member at Paisu, but it will also put you at risk of a demotion and a staff blacklist. We look for those who are interested in joining the Paisu management team and looking forward to their Paisu journey, not those who are only joining just for a management rank.

Any questions regarding Staff Intern guide should be forwarded to a member of the Human Resources department.

Rank Descriptions

Rank Descriptions

Customer (∞)

The customer is a very important role at Paisu. The Customer role is step one at Paisu; a role everyone once was. Our customers are those who fill up our cafe and order delectable dishes and or beverages of all sorts.

Prominent Customer (∞)

These are those who have once contributed with Paisu and or are notable members of the community. These individuals are also important, and have made a difference to Paisu in all ways. This role isn’t applied for nor can you be promoted to it at any costs.

Business Partners (∞)

Business Partners or in other words Affiliates are representing one of our allies as Public Relation Officers. This rank is used to simply differentiate a regular customer and an affiliating representative.

Barista In-Training (∞)

Those who have passed our quiz for the Barista Team! Before they go ahead and run the cafe, they must be trained by our Staff Team at the training center. Refer to the training times below for our accurate schedule.

Novice Barista (∞)

First Barista rank. These baristas are usually not as experienced as the ranks ahead of them. They are required to continue on with training to be ranked up. Working will not get them promoted at V1, unfortunately.

Junior Barista & Senior Barista (∞)

Both of these ranks are barista ranks you can work up to and or train for. Trainings for both ranks will become more challenging and give a lower chance in passing as you progress through them!

Barista Leader (∞)

Barista Leaders are the top rank on the Employee Team! These are the most experienced Baristas and you must prove that you are worthy in becoming one. Barista Leaders can become a management member by showing that they are role models for the community.

Staff Intern (50)

These are the Staff Interns, also known as those who are training for Supervisor. In order to become a Staff Intern, you must show dedication on becoming an MR and prove to the Recruitment Department how you characterize a great candidate. This means you must be active for a series of 14+ days in a row and you have gotten 3 upvotes for the position. Upvotes are counted using characteristics you possess. Great characteristics Recruitment considers ‘promotion-worthy’ are leadership, respect, determination, and other positive traits we believe those worthy should know.

Supervisor (50)

After you have gone through the Internship Program, you are given entry to the Staff Team. Supervisors are expected to complete certain requirements that should be completed within a series of time. These ranks aren’t simple ranks where you get to relax, you should consider this a task where you can create many memories and feel free of stress!

Assistant Manager (40) & General Manager (25)

The Manager ranks are those who are eligible in hosting training sessions. These ranks can promote, so you can expect a promotion and or coin drops for a minute when they are around! Best way to figure out how the team is worthy is when a majority of the team is actively working in a polite and active manner.

Staff Coordinator (15)

This rank is the top Staff rank at Paisu! They will oversee the younger Staff ranks to ensure they run things just as smoothly as they do. Staff Coordinators are those who are eligible in gaining Executive Intern using certain factors that aren’t important to know about towards the public. This rank will possess members who have been here at least about 6 months, minimum!

Executive Intern (6)

This rank is the start of the Executive Team! Strictly given to those worthy of, they are one of the most experienced individuals! Working your way up from Executive Intern requires different efforts as you are tasked with duties depending on your department! Departments vary from Communications and Recruitment, which take on different responsibilities. Similar to Staff Intern, this rank is an interning rank and will let the lead of the department they’re a candidate. If they fail, they will be demoted back to Staff Coordinator.

Executive Assistant (8)

This is the Executive rank you will first receive! As an Executive Assistant, you will be handed over stricter tasks compared to an Executive Intern which you must apply to and do regardless of your status. Executive Assistants are in-charge of overseeing the Staff Team.

Executive Officer (4)

As an Executive Officer, you will be co-leading a department. As a co-lead they will be deputy director and advise any Executive Interns of their departments. These ranks do not grant full power against their department.

Executive Director (2)

This rank has accelerated all ranks and is proven worthy in leading a department. These people make the greatest changes towards Paisu and take on community-changing decisions regularly depending on their department. Currently, we uphold one director per department.

Creative Department (Infinity)

  • All roles are handed based on the owner’s decision. Contributors have worked for Paisu in the past whilst Developers are currently working on Paisu’s next upcoming version. (Contributors & Developers)

Presidential Assistant (4)

Presidential Assistants are tasked in overseeing their department. They are also chosen by the owner to assist them with future plans as well as current plans. Refrain from messaging them about simple topics that can be answered by a Supervisor+.

Vice President (1)

The President’s most trusted individual. They are most trusted from the President’s perspective and given the same abilities as the President.

President (1)

Owner of the group, unpossessable by any standards.

Appeal Information

Appeal Information

Those who disobey the rules here at Paisu may face sanctions such as bans or permanent bans. Paisu will consider your appeal if you provide a reasonable explanation for your actions. The formats for appealing a consequential punishment are listed below. Send your appeal to a member of the Human Resources department rather than a member of management. Only appeal if it’s any sort of ban, not a warning.


Username & Discord ID:

State the reason for your punishment:

State the platform you were banned on:

Provide an explanation and why it should be appealed:

Provide proof if necessary:

We appreciate you taking the time to read our handbook on behalf of the presidential and executive team. I hope this handbook provides you with a better understanding of our establishment and expectations. If you have any questions about our handbook, please submit a ticket or DM a member of Human Resources. See you on the mountaintop!

Paisu Directorial Team

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