Pak 36 Cannon Build

So I built this Pak 36. I haven’t gotten many commissions, and I was bored, so I built this. The wheels is some free model, while everything else is built by me. Feedback please. I struggled with the prongs at the end of the cannon, so their a bit uneven.


I have no clue what it is but it looks very good, great job on it keep up the great work!

its a german anti tank gun (30 char)

Well it looks very good great job, is it functional?

no it’s a model im a builder (30 char)

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The cannon is a bit undetailed. (Don’t think thats a word.) Maybe you can add an image or different texture. (This doesn’t include the wheels, by the way.) Just as a suggested for asking for future feedback on Devforum you could put the roblox player next to the build for size.

its a union… not a decal (30 character

I know… Why would that change the feedback?

what do you mean i should change the decal? its all built with parts and unions

Add a decal. As in for texture. It’s look you used smooth plastic so it looks boring. (In the nicest way possible) If you add a decal that has texture it would change it up. If that makes sense.

She means to say add textures as in scratches, holes, something that makes it a bit more authentic. She’s not saying anything about the build itself, more so about the eye to detail such as a lack of scratching, holes, wear and tear like a real-life, used canon would have. etc.

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i used metal material *(30 charcter

That looks awesome, just a bit blocky on the last picture though.