Palais Liechtenstein [Commissioned]

I was commissioned to work on the Palais Liechtenstein, here’s some of the progress so far!





Hercules Hall



Playground & Residing Tables

Concert Hall


its beautiful, but it will look even better with graphics

Beautiful, where did you find all the textures?

The majority of them were actually from the palace grounds page itself, such as with the library. The others were found by looking up seamless textures and textures that my commissioner sent me to use. It was quite nice having a 360 view of the palace and its rooms for reference.

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Looks very realistic, lots of attention to detail, and the textures are really nice. Good job bro!

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This is really beautiful. I actually plan on making the Liechtenstein garden palace after my commissions slow down. Great job, if you know, what’s the part count so far?

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Thanks, I don’t exactly know how many parts that’d equate to as I work with meshes rather than entirely studio parts. In total it’s around 12K parts/meshparts on the map. The tri count is 2 million which is a pretty large, haven’t noticed any performance issues though as long as no one sits in the forsaken chair.

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This is amazing, i love the fascinating detail.

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Oh hey! I saw this on Reddit.

It’s a very nice build and the exterior is fantastic. Well done!

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Quality build. The library blew me away.
Well done. :+1::+1:

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