Palore County Sheriff's Office | Developer Recruitment

Palore County
Now Hiring Developers

  • Who am I?
    Ok, so first off, lets start with who I am. I am the Assistant Sheriff in Palore County, working along with many other great people! :slight_smile: I am pretty new here to the DevForum, and this is my first post, so sorry if there is any mistakes! :heart:

  • What developers do you need?
    Well, we’ve only got two developers so far, and that is me and Undersheriff Gabe_PlayzRoblox. Any developers would be great!

  • How do I contact you?
    I’d rather you contacted me through discord ItzMarley#5548 or join

The Staff Team

Sheriff - Jayma1322
Undersheriff - Gabe_PlayzRoblox
Undersheriff - IDontKnow_HowToPlay0
Assistant Sheriff - 6x452
Assistant Sheriff - iiEvxnii

For more information, send me a message through the roblox messaging service, I always have my messages open! :smiley:

This can be discussed through DMs as developers do get payed often.

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What would the developers do? I am confused because you mention sheriff a lot and I don’t know how that has to do with developing.

Imagine forgetting Jayma1322 (sheriff)

The group is a sheriffs office group.

Yes, but how does a Sherrif count as a staff member. What do they do? Are you hiring “Sheriffs” or actual developers.

The sheriff owns the group and we are looking for developers

I’m interested, I’ll shoot you guys a DM

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