Panda Cafe Handbook


Important Information


Welcome to Panda Cafe, a growing roleplay restaurant/cafe group on Roblox! Our mission is to ensure the safety of all players, while keeping fun and bringing an unforgettable experience for all users. Since 2017, we have been making plans for Panda Cafe, which was created in 2019. We have been working on expanding our community ever since! Hop on our journey and join Panda Cafe!

This document was made in order to help everyone who has any questions. With this document, everyone will easily be able to access all the information. Please read this document before asking our staff questions. If there are any sections that aren’t clear, feel free to tell us, as we will make changes where deemed necessary.



All of the information on Panda Cafe was divided in categories. Please make sure to read them.



Panda Cafe is always looking for new staff! If you enjoy roleplaying in cafe games as someone who hands out food, you should be a part of Panda Cafe’s staff team!

Joining The Staff Team

In order to become a Trainee at Panda Cafe, you must apply at the Application Center. You will be asked a few questions. With your answers, we will see if you are eligible to become a Trainee or not. If your application isn’t reviewed in the next 24-48 hours, please notify a HR+ (High Rank and above). You may as well attend an Interview.

Becoming a Staff Assistant

Becoming a Staff Assistant is a big step forward in our community. It is the Highest rank of the Low Ranks. In order to achieve this rank, you must attend Trainings as a Waiter. Being a Staff Assistant gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills as well as your patience, however this also means you have more responsibilities. Panda Cafe trusts all Staff Assistants in moderating the cafe.



Ranking up is one of the greatest pleasures of players. For some, it is easier than others. However, ranking up is possible for everyone!

Trainee - Waiter

In order to become a Trainee, you must fill in an application. Once your application is accepted, you may start working at the cafe! You may as well attend Interviews. All Trainees would like to rank up! In order to do so, you must attend Trainings. Once you pass, you will become a Cashier. You may show your dedication to rank up to Junior Waiter and Waiter until you attend other trainings to become a Staff Assistant.


Helper is the first Middle Rank at Panda Cafe. If Panda Cafe’s SHR department determines that you deserve the rank, due to your activity, your hard work, your great leadership and your contribution, you will be chosen to be a part of the upper staff team, the Middle Ranks. These promotions happen once a month, usually at the beginning. You may as well attend Helper Interviews, which happen once or twice a month. Your third option is to apply at Helper Applications, which are out once a month. Once you become a Helper, you may rank up by being active, working hard, etc. These promotions happen once in a while, at least once per month.


For all Low Ranks (except Staff Assistants), some upper ranks may host shifts at some times. These shifts happen once per day, and if you work hard, you will be rewarded with a rank up!

Session Times

Session Times

All our Session Times are under the timezone EST (Eastern Standard Time). You may always convert those times under your timezone.


12:30 PM EST (lunch)


1:30 PM EST

Daily Meetings


Please understand that times may change in the future. If that is the case, modifications will be applied to this document.


We love it when everyone is having fun in the cafe. However, it is our duty to step in sometimes and restrict users from behaving in a certain way to maintain the positive environment and to keep everyone safe in our games. By making rules, everyone will know what’s wrong and what’s right. Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

Panda Cafe Rules and Guidelines

  • Roblox Terms Of Services

We enforce ROBLOX’s Rules and Guidelines. Anyone who does not follow the rules of ROBLOX will be severely punished. Panda Cafe will not affiliate with these members and there will be action taken against their account. You may view ROBLOX’s rules here: Roblox Community Rules

  • Exploiting

Exploiting is strictly prohibited. If anyone is caught using a third-party script executor to potentially ruin the game or using it with malice intention will be permanently banned.

  • Trolling

Acting rude, being innapropriate, spamming, etc to get someone’s attention, to cause trouble and ruin user’s experience is not allowed. We are against that as it is not our mission nor our goal. We do not welcome this behavior at the game.

Remember to use common sense. Don’t say things that could be offensive, nor be disrespectful. Avoid drama and arguments as well.


Here at Panda Cafe, we give one or two warnings before kicking a disruptive player. Before giving out official warnings, please let them know that what they are doing is not accepted at Panda Cafe, as they may not have read this document.
We give one warning to any spammer or bypasser. Exploiters do not receive any warning, though. Trollers receive 2 warnings.

Panda Cafe takes the time to punish anyone who doesn’t abide by the rules. The Staff Team took decisions on the rules depending on what’s necessary and what isn’t. If anyone thinks rules should be modified, they should contact the Co-Owners and the Owner.
If you believe your punishment was false, let us know and we may correct it.


At Panda Cafe, we want everyone to feel accepted, which is why we push our culture. We want everyone to feel important and included.


Although we want our staff to be capable of doing their job and everyone to follow the rules, we encourage everyone to give players their space and let them voice their opinion, without repercussions. Staff should be open to any concerns and no one should ever try to use intimidating tactics.


We want to avoid conflicts as much as possible. Panda Cafe recommends all users to speak clearly and in basic language that can be understood universally by users of all ages. Our primary language is English, which means any user speaking another language than English should not expect an answer, unless the other user knows how to speak fluently in that language. Using large synonyms that could be confusing is not recommended. Staff members should type clear sentences and not any quick vague reactions such as “I-”, “-” or “.”.


We encourage all our current and former members to tell us about any problems they’ve encountered. Your voice matters, and so does your opinion! You can talk to us about anything, really, that has troubled your experience at Panda Cafe. We allow you to message our leadership team at any time with your concerns. However, going to the group areas with negative remarks is not accepted. We want to maintain a positive environment around the cafe, which means direct or implied negativity is not allowed.


Groups listed under the Ally Tab are Roblox Groups and Communities Panda Cafe has partnered with and who mutually help out each other. We let our communities grow together and interact together.

Affiliate Mission Statement

Our Affiliate Mission Statement is very important to respect and understand for anyone considering a partnership with us. As an affiliate representative, you should familiarize yourself with this statement. If you do not agree with our conditions, the request will sadly be canceled/refused.

Panda Cafe and its allies agree to help each other by promoting each other’s important events and announcements. Groups will not attempt to control decisions made by other groups, and must respect the boundaries of rules and decisions made. The allies agree not to be included in the decisions taken by Panda Cafe, unless they are included by the group itself. The two groups should help each other, promote positivity in the communities. Those who represent an allied group must abide by the code of conduct at all times.

Affiliate Requirements

In order to partner with Panda Cafe, you must meet a few requirements, which are:

  • Minimum of 75 members (Exceptions are made).
  • All content must be original and not copied or stolen, unless given permission from the original creator.
  • Must have an active community.

Affiliate Application

If you’d like to apply for a partnership with Panda Cafe, you must fill in this short application. Please send it to one of our Senior High Ranks and above.

  • What is your group’s name?
  • Please provide a group link.
  • What are your group’s plans, visions?
  • Why would you like to partner with us?
  • Please name your representative(s). Maximum of 6 representatives allowed.
  • Do you acknowledge and agree with our Code Of Conduct and our Affiliate Mission Statement?
Rank Descriptions


Customer is the most important rank at Panda Cafe. Without our customers, we wouldn’t have anyone to serve, nor be where we are today! Customers are the lowest rank in the group, and they may get served or socialize with other players. Some of them are future Trainees!

Business Partner

Business Partners are the Affiliate Representatives. They have no different power from Customers.


Trainees are new workers at Panda Cafe. They are exploring the world of Panda Cafe behind the register and are getting ready to gain more experience for their training, which will rank them up to Cashier.


Cashier is the second rank of staff members at Panda Cafe. They have more experience and are starting to get the hang of the game. In order to rank up to the following rank, they must show their dedication to their work and a member of the upper staff team will rank them. All they have to show is their understanding, which is very easy to obtain.

Junior Waiter

A Junior Waiter has experience. They help out newcomers and serve food. In order to rank up, they must show their dedication and understanding, which is again, easy to obtain.


A Waiter knows it all! They’re basically the professional chef out there, always willing to serve food! In order to become a Staff Assistant, Waiters need to attend Trainings, which will prepare them to the world of moderation.

Staff Assistant

Staff Assistants are the first rank to enter the world of moderation. They may serve food if they’d like, but most of them look out for any people not following the code of conduct. They cannot take big steps on these people, but they focus on warning them and getting people to kick them out of the server to maintain the positive environment. In order to rank up to Helper, they can attend Helper Interviews, they may apply at Helper Applications or they may be promoted due to their hard work, efforts, activity, contribution, etc.


Helper is the first Middle Rank here at Panda Cafe. They may officially moderate, but they are still restricted to some options. They cannot ban nor host, however they may kick and train Trainees. In order to rank up, they must show their dedication, hard work, activity, etc and will get promoted at promotions.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Managers have experience. They are used to dealing with trollers and training Trainees. This rank may host Meetings, where they talk about cafe updates, member count, etc.


Managers have worked hard to get all the way up where they are. This rank may host Meetings and Interviews, where they hire new staff!

Assistant Supervisor

Assistant Supervisors are future High Ranks. They’ve shown constant activity, efforts, contribution, etc. Assistant Supervisors can host Meetings, Interviews and train Waiters!


Supervisor is the first official rank of the High Ranks. Supervisors may now ban and host Trainings, while keeping the same fonctions and permissions as the other ranks.


Administrator is the last rank of the High Ranks. They may permanently ban, host Trainings, Interviews, Meetings, Helper Interviews.

Board Of Director

Board Of Director is the first rank of the Senior High Ranks. They have showed an important contribution and are a part of the well known members of Panda Cafe for everything they’ve done. They help manage decisions, as well as moderating.


Co-Owner is not an obtainable rank. Co-Owners are part of Panda Cafe’s history and have helped founding it or have been there for a really long time.


The Owner, DjMusa2, is the Founder of the community.


Holder is not an obtainable rank. It is a bot who holds the group.


Panda Cafe believes in second chances. Some people may have misunderstood or made mistakes, but as long as you learn from it and know you will not repeat the same mistake, you may get unbanned! If you believe you qualify to appeal for your punishment, please fill out the appeal form and send it to the people you must send it to, according to your appeal form.

Ban Appeal

If you are banned permanently from our games, please fill this form and send it to our leadership team via our communication platform or Roblox Private Messages.

  • What is your Roblox Username? If you are banned from our communication platform, please provide a tag.

  • Why were you banned and when?

  • What made you appeal?

  • What have you learned? Have you changed?

Blacklist Appeal

If you have been removed permanently from our staff team, please fill in this form and submit it to our leadership team via our communication platform or Roblox Private Messages.

  • What is your Roblox Username?

  • Why were you blacklisted and when?

  • What made you appeal?

  • What have you learned? Have you changed?

If you’d like to appeal an Affiliate Blacklist, please message our leadership team for further discussion.

You have reached the end of the Official Panda Cafe Handbook. If any information that you are looking for is not listed within this document, please let one of our staff members know and they will assist you to the best of their ability.

Best wishes,

Panda Cafe Leadership Team

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