Paradox Base Chiron | Game Rules

Paradox Base Chiron Rules

This topic lists all the rules for Paradox Base Chiron. All users must follow the rules outlined in this topic at all times.

1. Follow Roblox’s Terms of Service and Community Standards
All users must follow all regulations and terms imposed by Roblox, which includes their Terms of Service and Community Standards. Exploiting and glitching fall under this rule and will not be tolerated.

2. Keep it civil
Users are expected to be civil, everyone must be respectful, especially towards the moderation team.

3. No spamming
Spamming the chat or in-game radio will not be tolerated. This action may result in group punishments, such as temporary employment suspension and may also result in game punishments, such as a kick or ban, depending on the severity.
Spamming includes the act of flooding (sending multiple messages repeatedly or too fast) and sending undesirable content, such as propaganda.

4. Bugs must be reported
If you find a bug, do not use it to your advantage or to prejudice other users. Bugs must be reported in our Discord server, which can be found linked in the experience page.

5. Respect moderators decisions
Decisions taken by the moderation team are final. Do not argue over a moderator’s decision or judgement. If you think a moderator is misbehaving or not moderating properly, you may report them to a superior rank in our Discord server.

6. Events must be respected
Do not attempt to disrupt an event that is being conducted by a moderator or developer. Doing so may result in temporary bans or in group punishments.

7. Respect spawn areas
Spawn killing and spawn camping is not allowed and may result in the user being kicked. Avoid entering other teams’ spawn areas whatsoever.


These rules may be updated at any time without advance notice, and not all updates to these rules will be announced. You are advised to check this topic regularly.
Last update: May 6th, 2023.