Parent property of Workspace is locked - Rojo

Whenever I try to connect Rojo to vs code I always get this error.
I’ve tried restarting studio, using another place, restarting vs code, but none of it works. Googling it doesn’t help either.

I’m not sure if this is what your problem is or if you figured it out. I was encountering something similar to this when I first started using Rojo.

For me, my problem is that I was trying to map the Workspace to a folder in my code and Rojo was trying to delete the Terrain object which was causing issues.

So like I said, not sure if this is your issue or not, but I’d guess it’s something to do with your default.project.json file that Rojo uses to map the folders in your code into Roblox Studio. Maybe you’re trying to map to the Workspace folder and modify something and Roblox Studio doesn’t like it? Or, like me, your code was trying to delete the Terrain which Roblox Studio also doesn’t like.