Parenting BillboardGui's to PlayerGui via server?

Just wanting to know if this is recommended? Reason being I’m making tag UI, I need everyone to see each others tags, but I need them to be adorneed to the head (not a child of the Head, that causes unwanted problems)

So will parenting a BillboardGui to PlayerGui from the server work? and thus making changes to it from the server as well?

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It will work, though it’s ill-advised to be using server scripts to manage any kind of GUI, because in practice, they are normally handled exclusively by clients.

LocalScripts are sufficient to adorn characters on each screen, though if you really need to do the tags server-side, the option is there.

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Well I mean, doing them client side would only display your own tag, and not other players, that’s why I decided to do server side :grimacing: it also managed to fix the Roblox bug I was having with enabling/disabling them when they were purely parented to the players head, and not adornee’d

If your server script can adorn every player’s character with a tag by creating BillboardGuis in every PlayerGui, you can probably do the same thing with LocalScripts that handles each player’s PlayerGui individually.

Of course, if what you got is working already, don’t stress too much over it.