Parenting cloned objects works, but with odd behavior

Ok, this error is complicated to explain, I will try to do my best.

I am currently working on a pet system, which works, however, I’m currently trying to create a feature that re-updates the clients inventory whenever their character respawns. However when I try to specifically try to parent a cloned frame object into the players inventory, it doesn’t appear inside the inventory. (The inventory is a scrolling frame object, inside the scrolling frame object is a container frame object called “container”)

The function code works fine before the character respawns and even “works” after but provides a different result. as seen by the screenshot, even after respawning the character the output recognizes that the cloned frame’s parent is set to the container however it doesn’t display it inside the game or in the explorer.

I noticed that If I set the frame’s parent specifically to ReplicatedStorage, it works fine. Anywhere else it seems to just disappear.

Anything helps! Thanks!


You could just try turning “ResetOnSpawn” as part of the Gui’s properties to false.