Park East Middle School | Alliance Information

Greetings! Welcome to the Park East Middle School alliance dev-forum post. Here is where our alliance requirements + questions will be managed. Any questions about this post can be directed to love4nate.


  • Group must have at least 3,000 members.

  • Cordial High Ranking Team & Staff, this is key to the partnership as we may have some people in the community who may not agree with one’s views.

  • Your group must be active. Clothing groups must upload frequently and have frequent sales. Any other type of group should have users engaging in their games daily.

  • Your group needs to maintain a professional reputation. Lack of grammar in your descriptions and shouts, free modeled games or graphics will get you immediately denied.

  • Must announce any of our events that we request to be announced.


  1. What is the name of your establishment? Please list all of your social links.

  2. How many members does your group currently acquire?

  3. Why should Park East form a partnership with your group?

  4. How can our groups be beneficial towards each other?

  5. How does your establishment differ from other groups in your particular category?

  6. Who are your assigned representatives if your application gets accepted? These individuals are responsible for announcing our events, etc.
    Include Discord name, tag and ROBLOX username.

If you meet the listed requirements, you may complete the application accordingly. Once you are finished, your application can be sent to love4nate. through direct messages when you would like to submit your application. Your application will automatically be denied if the group does not meet the requirements. Proper grammar is expected, so only a few errors are fine before your application will be denied for it, also lacking proper grammar represents you as very unprofessional. Keep in mind that we will frequently check how your group is performing, therefore don’t apply if you can’t maintain our expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, message anyone apart of the District Leadership Team.

District Official
Park East Middle School

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