Parsivity's Programming Portfolio [COMISSIONS CLOSED]

About Me

Hello, I’m Parsivity!
I’m currently a high-school student accepted into universities for the next school year under biology as an international student in Canada or computer science (one accepted, another waiting for ivy league decision) in the United States.

I’ve decided to open this thread in hopes for not only funding my student fees, but to also bring entertainment to the roblox community to the best of my abilities.

In terms of strengths, I’m an analytical thinker with a great work ethic, which means I’m able to learn things quickly. However, my weaknesses mainly lie in artistic topics like designing and animations.
Now let’s get into what you really came here for!


I’ve worked with mainly JavaScript and Lua but I have experience in other languages.
The roblox-related projects that I’m most proud of are shown below:

Discord bots

*Although the picture above is not roblox-related, it’s important in the sense of demonstrating that I’m capable of making the bot produce embeds-- instead of plain text messages.

Pet System

*Of course, this was not the final project; it was made to demonstrate my abilities.

House-editing system

*This is my most-recent project; not close to completion.

Other Projects

A few of my more-recent projects are listed below:

  • Machine learning (classification) through the ml5 library.
  • Physics simulations on a 2D-plane.
  • Text-based turn game
  • Marching squares
    …and other projects with the purpose of familiarizing myself with a topic (noise + sorting algorithms)


Currently I’m available for up to 8 hours on weekdays and more on the weekends after 3 PM EST.


For small commissions, payment (in robux) is preferred.
Larger projects are more negotiable; however % is preferred.


Feel free to contact me through discord (Parsivity#3583) or message me directly.


Hey! Added you on discord: alpha#5514.

Hey, I added you on discord, looking to potentially work with you! Cazsius#2026